Class Descriptions



Beginner I – This class will cover Posture and Body Position and Alignment “Strong Back makes for beautiful postures” – Introduce – Basic Arm, Hip, and Chest Movements – Basic Hip Step – Combining Arms and Hips together.  We will work through all these BASIC movements before introducing any dance routine.  Once we get started in this very beginner level attending classes on a regular basis will help you gain an understanding of the mechanics in these movements.  Once you start don’t be easily swayed into thinking that you can’t get it … eventually your body will adapt and capture the music move you.

Beginner II – This class will introduce move Basic Movements and we will revisit what movements were introduced in Beginner I.  We’ll continue adding more steps, turns, hips circles and more.  You may find that review is always helpful and practice is important.  You may find that your confidence level is building and some the basics are coming more easily.  Remember, dance steps are all muscle memory so the more practice the better.  We will start putting more combinations together and introduce a dance routine from the steps we have learned in Beginner I and Beginner II.  Now the FUN really begins.

Beginner III – This class will be a continuation of the Beginner II and as we progress through this level you may notice that everything starts fitting together more fluently.  As we progress through the Beginner Series we will continue work on our dance routine and perfect those BASICS steps and movements.

In doing the Beginner Series – once a class is committed to continuing I try to move the class together as ONE.  So, if everyone decides to sign up for continuous class I try to keep the same time and same class together so that we progress as a group together without having to change class time or class friends.  If classes do not stay together I will try to fit you to another class that is at a level that you are best suited to.

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Intermediate I – Ladies you have graduated to the Intermediate Level – you MUST have a very good understanding of the BASICS that were covered in the BEGINNER SERIES.  In this class I will introduce different elements and dance styles.  Some classes may be introduced to VEIL WORK,  ZILL DRILLS, and my favorite FOLKLORIC or ETHNIC DANCE.

Intermediate II – We’re continuing on more complex movements – POPS, LOCKS, SHIMMIES, And dance routines which may include – VEIL, SWORD, ZILLS, FOLK DANCE.

In the Intermediate Series – there is room for performance and showcasing what you have learned.  We will also be working on costuming and developing your dance skills.

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Advance is for the more senior dancer who has taken 2 or more years of belly dance classes.  You will need to have studied directly with me or upon invitation or qualifying to participate in this class level.   Performance class will enable you to participate in various shows and activities that the studio may be involved in throughout the year.  There will also be an opportunity for individual dance instruction – so one can develop their learned skills thus so far and now make them your own dance.  We will focus on a larger variety of dance routines that will enhance our dance group.

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