Hire Us

Welcome to Ariellah’s HIRE US Page. This page will feature some of the performances that we perform as an individual or in group. I have been dancing and performing for over 25+ years – studying with highly acclaimed dancers from Egypt – Hassan Raqi, Adi Nour, Nourhanne & Youshry (New York),Hadia (Canada), Denise Enan (Formerly Egypt now Canada) and many others.


In order to keep with the “Standard” cost for performance in the Calgary region Ariellah offers PRIVATE and GROUP LESSONS – for family parties, Stagettes, Baby Showers, or Conventions

Private Lesson $75/hour – 1 Person only
Semi-Private Lesson $60/hour  2 Persons  + $10 per person extra up to 4 persons

WORKSHOP FEES – $150/hour + Travel, Accommodations, & Meals  – catered to your needs – Veil Technique, Entrances, Steps, Combinations, Pops, Drops & More – dancing with ZILLS, SWORDS, BASKETS, CANDLES.  ZILLS DRILL WORKSHOPS – Notes provided.  Combine the needs of what you are looking for.  Professional Classes also offered to those wanting to take their dance to the next level.  How to be “TEACHER”?  How to be “PROFESSIONAL” Dancer?


A.     Belly Gram (15 min performance in FULL costume) – $150
B.     Private Party (30 min performance in FULL costume) – $250
C.     DIVA Party (1 hour Instructional lesson no costume) – $150/hour
Extra fee for Performance with Costume – $250
D.     Troupe Performance (To be determined upon request and length of show) Fees vary and may include 30 minute SHOW with four or more beautiful dancers. I can work with you when planning your next event and deciding on what you are looking for to make your event a huge success. Our Troupe Performances are surely a great way to spruce up any event in a classy and tasteful way. Call us to share with you the “Art of Belly Dancing” for your next fundraiser, charity, convention or woman awareness initiatives.  Troupe performance may include:

  • Egyptian Folk – Two or more persons to perform Raks Asaya (Egypt), El Haggala (Lybia/Seria), Tunisian Scarf  (Tunisia), Fellehin (Egypt), Khaleegy (Emirates – Saudi Arabia) – Great for any cultural event such as GLOBALFEST, WINTERFEST, HERITAGE DAYS or Communities promoting Cultural Diversity.
  • Egyptian Classique – Two or more persons to perform Raks Baladi – fun combinations of steps and movement – everything from drum solos routines to veil
  • Fusion Style – Combining, Swords, Veils, Fire – this is where the ladies add a twist to the mix.

*Additional Fees for Travel Fees for out of town performances as well as Extra fees for additional performance with costume changes.