I’m working on establishing a MEN ONLY Class – At present I’m working on facilitating this class with a good friend of mine and fellow dancer. Once we have arranged for a scheduled class it will be posted.

THIS CLASS will provide MALES to Dance in a TROUPE. This is an folk/ethnic-based dance style and will cover “Taytib” (STICK) DANCING, SWORD and/or other several other dances. YOU do not need to have had any formal dance experience – as dancing middle-eastern dance requires only that you let the rhythms and sounds take hold of your natural energies. Many of these dance forms typically simulate “defensive” or “martial art” type movements that were used centuries ago by tribesmen protecting their territory, livestock, and families. Today the movements are used in dance forms.

There is plenty of opportunity to grow within this dance form. It is a great way to meet other dancers, perform within our dance community. We are looking for more MALE dancers. Class is taught separate from the women. However, opportunities do arise for male dancers to dance with the women in some traditional folk dances.

‘FOR MEN ONLY’ – Learn Danse Orientale

This STYLE will also be included in the MAN’s CLASS

Get introduced to Middle-Eastern Dance geared for Men! Ages 16+ / Learn how to relate to the music and find your two left feet! For the “GUY” that really enjoys trying something different – helps build co-ordination and self-esteem, and get yourselves off the couch and away from the TV …. OH yeah, and even meet some real cool people too “LADIES LOVE A MAN WHO CAN DANCE or are WILLING TO EVEN TRY”.

This form of dance style is less folksy and focuses on similar dance moves and styles to those taught to the women. However, you are not women and are not expected to move as such, therefore your body movements are stronger than a woman’s and more dominant because of the build and muscular features that you males have. Several of my favorite dancers in the Male Category are: Youshry Sharif, formerly from Egypt living in NEW YORK and TITO from EGYPT. These two males have impressed upon many artists their knowledge and dance skills. I’m sure you can find them on U-Tube. They are “HOT” on my list….next to my hubby of course.

NEED 6 guys to have a class – unfortunately, if there are not enough persons to participate there will be no class. You DO NOT need to come with any dance experience or formal dance – this is strictly for the guys that would like to explore another form of dance and culture.