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Welcome back to 2023 …. that 2022 was a doozy.  I hope that all of you are recovered from the festivities.  Speaking of which, I thought I should start thinking about another “Shimmy the Night AWAY” showcase – I will try for APRIL 2023 and hope that other dance studios will dance along with us.  So, this is in the works and I will update you about when, where, etc.

Classes are up on the WEBSITE.  I’m sorry – life has been hectic as of late – I got so caught up with other projects and then top it off been having computer issues …. I hate that when that happens.  and in fact, right today… still having issues (SHAW … and I hate CHATTING with a computer and doing it via way of on-line FIXX!!!  Well it’s not working and I want to talk to a REAL LIVE PERSON… (it’s how I teach and it’s how I think that we need REAL PEOPLE to communicate with NOT A ROBOT… )  …

I started – omg…. I started sorting out my SEW SPACE … OK you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE FABRIC…. well IT has invaded my SEW SPACE and my CALM.   So, I stepped into the SEW SPACE (all the while cursing at the fact that my e:mail isn’t working) so my SEW SPACE is my CALM … well – I’ve started sorting out the BINS of beads, trims, shiny stuff, chains, flowers, …OMG you name it, I’m sure I own it…. anyway I’m working on that SEWING SPACE and putting some organization to it… so that I can FINISH up several of my FANTASTIC sewing projects.  It’s absolutely funny, I seem to work best in CHAOS … and then I have to spend time unmessing the MESS …. that’s my FUNNy … and It is showing progress … but I’ve TOLD MYSELF …. NO MORE FABRIC …. no MORE SPARKLY’s …. so that is why my NEWBIE BEGINNERS will be getting costumes – so I can sew up that DARN FABRIC …. just to warn you…. I can’t wait.

Watch for my BAZAAR – TBD – every year pre-C  I would host a BAZAAR … and invite schools to dance … so that is my goal and SELL SELL Bellydancing GOODS …. I have so much that I need to FIND HOMES FOR… since I’m not dancing too much in the way of RESTAURANTS … so I have some beautiful PROFESSIONAL COSTUMES that need to go… as well as plenty of beautiful costumes that I have made  for all levels of dancers … so I will let you know when this is to take place.

another event …. is my MINI=WORKSHOP   SUNDAY FEB 11 – 2 pm … $75 no GST  – this is a FUN FUN FUN class no experience needed just come and dance, move, and groove… this is a great way to just dance without worrying about choreography … great for beginners and experienced dancers.  check it out on my MINI+WORKSHOP PAGE.

This is it for now… Have a great JANUARY … and I’ll send another note soon.   Any questions or topics you’d like me to talk about send me a quick e:mail (once I have it working again).

Ariellah  happy shimmy and shine


Hello Lovely’s – just wanted to let you know that it feels REAL good to be back in the dance studio.  So, FYI I won’t be doing a SHOW this YEAR … there is just too much to catch up on – and that is getting back our GROOVE …

So stick with me while I try to figure out my next direction ….

I’ve opened up classes again … was trying for more than one FOUNDATIONS BEGINNER class but ended up with a FABULOUS CLASS of ladies and only the one class … if all goes good I hope to offer another class for FOUNDATIONS BEGINNER in the NEW YEAR .  Hard for people to commit I find …. so many ladies called … or e:mailed but did not commit … this is where the frustration sets in because I have to plan all class time with a studio owner and I often tell him it is like herding CATS.  Anyway I’m so happy to have a NEW CLASS of interested women.

This fall seems to unfolding nicely …. and I’m so happy to have my lovely group of dedicated ladies in my THUR evening classes working so hard to get our choreographies ready for NEXT YEAR …. we aren’t quite ready because of the “you know what” took place and put us all off course. …. so we’re back at it every THURSDAY working out the kinks …. and of course we will be working on a few new things…

Anyone wishing to join us on THUR you are also welcome to DROP-IN … if you decide to join we’d love to have a few more ladies in the group.  (you’ll have a bit of catch up – but we can do that with notes, video, and music) … oh the ladies would probably meet and also do some extra practice ….

That’s all for now …. so check out the MINI+WORKSHOP …. and come and DANCE WITH ME!


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