Ladies there is so much information regarding the world of BellyDance, Raqs Sharqi, Danse Orientale.  And then let’s not forget the Middle-East.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Letters from Egypt – a Journey on the Nile  1849 – 1850, Florence Nightingales Visit to Egypt – this little gem of a book has beautiful pictures and describes what Florence saw.  These are her letters describing her travels.  During the time Artists David Robers, Theodor Frere, Edward Lear and others have pictures throughout this publication.

EGYPT – Anything Egypt I absolutely love, books can be sourced at used book stores or on-line.  Egypt, Cleopatra, Nefertti, Gods of EGYPT, Design, People of EGYPT.

My Collection:

The Serena Technique of Belly Dancing – 1973 – This is a real gem.  Explains everything BD in the day.  Especially when there was no recording devises from the time.  All pictures in black & white.

The Belly Dancer in You – Ozel – 1976 Another Favorite- Pictures in black & white.

The Compleat Belly Dancer – Julie Russo Mishkin – 1973 – Lots of information in this one.  Picture in black & white.

Serpent of the Nile – Wendy Buonoventura – 1989 – This is a beautiful book loaded with lots of pictures and information.

Grandmother’s Secrets – Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi – 1999 – OMG this is a must have booklet – Talks about the history and where it began.  Lot’s of good information – Pictures in black & white.

Belly Dance – the dance of mother earth – Tina Hobin – 2003

Belly Dancing Basics – laura Cooper – 2004 – Cool little book – in colour

Dancing Fear & Desire – Stavros Stavrou karayanni – 2005 – This is from my friend Stavros – he was a male dancer and performed at several shows in Calgary.  He teaches at the U of C.  I was delighted to be able to get his book on this subject of males dancing.  – some pictures black & white.

Belly Dancing “The Sensual Art of Energy & Spirit” – Pina Coluccia – 2005 – Some cool explanations and samples – in colour

Bellydance – Kelti Sharif – Handy little booklet – 2005 – in colour


DANCE FRIENDS in CALGARY (Friends Bear with me as I learn how to attach your websites to my site….)

First off, let me explain.  I am lucky to have a wonderful group of dance friends.  We all have different teaching abilities and strengths we all share one common thing and that is to SHARE what we love “DANCE” with our students and our audience.  With some of my dance friends (some being my dearest friends) I  have shared a life-time of ups and downs, accomplishments and disappointments, but most of all I  have formed  wonderful memories and friendships to last a lifetime.  What I love most is when we gather for events, workshops, haflas (Parties), fundraisers, and bazaars or we see each other at festivals or on the streets – that we are there in support of one another.  Because without the support of one another we would not have a great Dance community in Calgary.  I feel blessed to have a nice group of fellow dance friends.


Best place for BellyDance Supplies & Gifts – SON OF THE PHARAOH
TWO LOCATIONS – Eau Claire Market DownTown – this is there smaller store.  It doesn’t carry costumes and everything you’ll need to dress up.  But it is a lovely little GIFT SHOP.  The other store is the OMG store!!!!  If you’re looking to buy that ONE costume this is where you’ll want to go.  He also carries Hip Scarves, TRIBAL Jewelry, Some FOLK costumes (Bedouin dresses which are BEAUTIFUL) and MORE.  Located at 1512 – 17 Avenue SW.  Owners are Emad and Carol  (did I mention they do EGYPTIAN TOURS…..)